Our Founders

Matt Leitz

Founder & CEO

Matt Leitz is a serial entrepreneur who specializes in business automation. He works as a leader in the chat marketing industry, helping thousands of business owners across the world increase their sales, marketing, & support through the use of automated chatbots.

Nic Frachon

I've worked with many many companies over the years and BotBuilders stands out among the VERY best both in their product and even more so in their company values and customer service. They continue to deliver above and beyond my expectations in every aspect of business which is incredible for me since while I'm business savvy...I'm not an expert with technology. You don't need to be the best, you just need to work with the best and the best is BotBuilders.


You guys are total rockstars. Best customer support ever!

I already had bot experience & automation experience but went ahead with an action taken step & purchased the Elite BotBuilders program.

I have never looked back, such a great place to be. Great support, great knowledge, & templates.

BotBuilders are business builders so I recommend you start building your business today.

Our Community

Here are just a few things some of our incredible students have said about BotBuilders and our program.

This is beyond amazing!!!🙌🏻👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

Alena M.

Florida, USA

Y’alls service is amazing. Thank you!!

Austin W.

Texas, USA

Love the product!

Bruno F.

Quebec, Canada

Thank you for everything you guys do for us to make money the easy way!!

Gustavo G.

Florida, USA

Thank you so much! I appreciate your support so much! :)

Judy P.

Windsor, Canada

This is top notch. Amazing customer service and incredible content.

Leslie W.

California, USA

I started with BotBuilders a couple of days ago and loving it! They seem to work all hours!

Vicky C.

London, United Kingdom

Your support is awesome. Thank you for your time.

Steve Z.

Arizona, USA

The Do-It-Together program is incredible. It has allowed me to quickly get my own bot up and running and to launch my bot agency and take in clients within the first month.

Amy H.

Texas, USA

I want to thank you guys & gals for creating such an AMAZING COURSE! You explain everything with such clarity, that even someone as non-techy (i think I just made up that word), like myself, can keep up. So, THANK YOU! 😍


THANK YOU for not only putting together such a lovely course, but also provided the MOST AMAZING SUPPORT.




I just launched my very first client's fb messenger launching/ranking campaign and things are running smoothly!!! I'm so excited, I already have another 3 clients lined up... I can't believe this is actually happening!

Fay G.

New York, USA

The attention to detail, the enthusiasm, and the step by step manner in which it is all put together is over the top.


Thank you so much for the awesome program and opportunity to work and grow with a team of professionals such as yours.

David T.

California, USA

When you need help they are there!

When you need motivation, they are there!

When you don't want or need anything, they are still there, arranging a FB live!

Botbuilders team is great!

Happy to be in their community.

Yvette G.

Edam, Netherlands

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