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  • Instant Bot Creation with BotBuilders Core ($25,000 value)

    Out of the box you'll have a world-class 100+ flows, 500 keywords, 50+ sequences and more.  Simple step-by-step process to customize within hours!

  • Exclusive Client-Getting "Bot Selling Bot" Template ($10,000 value)

    Attract clients with a free demo, preps them to buy and sets you up to sell!

    This one-of-a-kind bot took our team countless hours and capital to build!

  • BotBuilders Basics, Advanced and Growth Courses ($997 value)

    While the Do-It-Together program is designed to streamline your bot building process, if you want to learn more these courses will cover it all!

  • Writing to Convert Copywriting Course ($997 value)

    This complete copywriting course will take anyone, regardless of skill level, and turn them into a world-class copywriter who knows how to sell in any format.

  • Executive Membership Free for 30 Days (optional, $97 mo.)

    Get help with integrations, download all our premium templates, build your bot character with our Build-a-Bot factory.  No commitment, cancel anytime.

  • Bot Business-in-a-Box System and Training  ($997 value)

    It never hurts to have multiple streams of income, and this gives you everything you need to capitalize on the money-making potential in the hot bot market. 

  • BotBuilders Quick Tips Optimization Training ($97 value)

    Sometimes the small things make a big difference when it comes to conversion, and we've put the best of the best into these quick and valuable lessons.

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What You Can Expect When We


  • PHASE 1

    🎓  PHASE 1 - Preparation

    We know you're busy.  That's why we condensed everything you need to know to be successful with bots (and nothing more).


    ⚡️ Download BotBuilders Core

    You're ready to download our exact bot that generates massive leads and revenue.  2000+ hours of work in a few clicks.

  • PHASE 2

    ✏️  PHASE 2 - Customization

    If you can follow step-by-step tutorials and use a text editor, you can fully customize your bot.  We make it ridiculously simple.

  • PHASE 3

    💰 PHASE 3 - Monetization

    Before you even start promoting your bot, we'll give you exactly what you need to maximize your income on every subscriber.

  • PHASE 4

    📈  PHASE 4 - Promotion

    With nearly a dozen pre-built tools inside your bot to help you generate leads, we'll show you fastest path to massive growth.

  • PHASE 5

    💪 PHASE 5 - Domination

    You've seen proof that we're the best in the bot business.  Join us and let's dominate together.  Enough reading, it's go time.

The BotBuilders Community and our entire team
are behind you every step of the way!

What the Experts Have to Say...

Mikael Yang

CEO, ManyChat

Bots on another level.

"You're the freaking BOT MASTER."



Cody Sperber

Founder, Clever Investor

Unbelievable results.

"Matt Leitz and BotBuilders are the real deal. They built a custom bot for us and we made  more than 4x our money back within the first 2 weeks.  Our bot has been #1 on Facebook ever since."

Alex Jeffereys

Founder, Clients in Abundance

Pure genius.

"When I heard Matt Leitz was launching BotBuilders I threw my wallet at him (literally). One of the easiest investments in a decade of investing in my online success."

Mike Koenigs

Best-Selling Author, Entrepreneur

Above and beyond.

"Matt and the BotBuilders team are absolute rockstars who always go above and beyond.  The bot they built for us is a piece of art... nobody in the bot game compares."​

Mike Long

Founder, OMG

Absolutely blown away.

"I'm connected to all the top online marketing players and Matt Leitz is the smartest mind in the bot game (period).  I've never seen another bot do half of what a BotBuilders bot does."

Mike Bella

Owner, Phia Salons

New technology, proven team.

"We've worked with Matt Leitz and his teams for years, and the results have been out of this world.  We're #1 in our local market and could not have done it without him."

Is BotBuilders Right for You?

We strive for nothing short of a 100% success rate (and to have a good time along the way).  


  • If you want to build a big Messenger and email list.

  • You want to better monetize and grow your bottom line.

  • You're ready to finally get AHEAD of technology.

  • You will represent the BotBuilders community well.


  • Anyone who expects to have overnight success.

  • You are a spammer or sell anything illegal or unethical.

  • You're not teachable or willing to follow terms of service.

  • If you have a bad attitude.


Our team will go above and beyond to provide the best customer support in the online industry, guaranteed.  While we obviously cannot refund for the done-for-you or do-it-together programs after they've been delivered, if you feel our training isn't the absolute best or we can improve in any way, we'll do everything in our power to help you succeed.

BotBuilders Are Business Builders

Your new bot will help you pull it all together (finally).

  • And not just bot subscribers. One-click email opt-ins is the boost your list has been needing.

  • If you're not already making money while you sleep, wouldn't you agree it's about time you did?

  • With rising ad costs and lower landing page opt-ins, you need something better.  This is it.

  • Increased engagement and laser targeting, this investment can pay dividends for years to come.

  • Someone in your space will use a bot a chatbot to gain fame and fortune... why not you?

  • Regardless if it becomes your primary business or your side hustle, go where the cash is.

  • Regardless of what opportunities you've missed in the past, you only need 1 to change everything.

  • You already know you're going to need a bot, why not let us handle most the work for you?

Choose Your Program and Let's Rock!

Do-It-Together program pictured above, all bonuses limited time



  • BotBuilders Basics Course

  • BotBuilders Advanced Course

  • BotBuilders Growth Course

  • Access to Private Community

$1997 SAVE $500



  • BotBuilders Core Instant Bot

  • All 3 BotBuilders Training Courses

  • Access to Private Community

  • 100+ Core Flow Downloads

  • 500+ Core Keywords Downloads

  • 50+ Core Sequence Downloads

  • 10+ Core Growth Tool Downloads

  • BONUS #1: Bot Business-in-a-Box  

  • BONUS #2: Automated "Deal Bot" 

  • BONUS #3: Writing to Convert 

  • BONUS #4: Free Executive optional 

  • BONUS #5: Quick Tips Training







35,000 and up

  • Custom Work, Custom Priced

  • Very Limited Availability

  • Requires $1497 Refundable Deposit

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